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Well this one started out because JB played around with an old 6139-6002 case in his research workshop and he made a 'Special'. I saw it on the forum and made a couple of comments about it. A few days later the bare case turned up, stuffed through my letterbox by the postman, a surprise gift from JB. He knew I would find it interesting and appreciate it.

After the initial experimenting with basically shoving in the guts of a standard gold 6139-6002 the case was confined to the spares drawer, but not forgotten, just waiting for the evil plan to be hatched and implemented when the time was right.

The case is genuinely unique so I wanted to perpetuate the theme and do something wild and happy in character, maybe a little juvenile, a fun watch. Previously I had made a custom white 6002 that was influenced by RallyDivers own creation and I had sold it some time ago. Well I was wondering if something similar would do for this modified case?

It consists of;-
white aftermarket 6139-7100 dial from Ramon
white rotating indicator wheel from Edmar
black autodive hands from Jake
resprayed chronograph hands from a 6002
black/red coke tachymeter insert also from Edmar
6139B movement from a donor ebay watch, duly serviced
white/black genoa strap from watchgecko, from a while back

I had to cobble together a stem and crown, and fit new gaskets and the result was initially:-

But then I was wondering what a pair of Jakes railroad hands would look like in the theme of funness. I have wanted to use these hands for ages but never could find a suitable victim.

I was a bit undecided about this look and went through a like/do not like phase and finally decided the black Autodive hands are preferable. So I set to switching back when I uncharacteristically hit a bit of bad luck and lost the teardrop minute recording hand and one of the pusher springs. I looked high and low but they had slipped through a wormhole into another dimension.

Whilst wondering where I was going to get a replacement minute recording hand from more consideration was given to the general aesthetic of the watch and a decision was made to abandon the white 7100 dial, it is not really white but cream and the printing a little heavy and the whole lot had been bugging me. So I am going with a gold 6015 dial and some modified and repainted chronograph hands. Results to follow;-)

BTW: I have offered up the parts and it is not a garish as it sounds.

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the result was initially:-

I actually really like this - bit like the much admired (by me) Citizen Speedy that Martog is currently trying to date.

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