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I have to share again the great work that Simon does, this time on my 6139-6000. There was much more water intrusion than there appeared to be when I got it from an estate dealer with a missing crown/stem. These are always risky when the crown is missing and the lume shows that water has been present, but the back of the movement appeared relatively clean even though it did not run. But it was original and I'm a sucker for saving these especially since I don't have a proof blue dial. It did cost me more than I have ever spent on a rebuild, but it was worth it. Here is the link to Simon's work:!ArEOrf65patummuS9rW0tXxRjDHv?e=DvshUW

Here is what he did:

1. regular service
2. replacement Minute hand (and relume hands)
3. relume dial
4. jeweling of MS arbor ports
5. gaskets
6. case component stripdown & cleaning (rust removal)
7. new wavy dial spring
8. new pusher spring
9. new crystal
10. new crown
11. new stem/gear/spring
12. cutdown stem
13. new barrel arbor
14. new transmission wheel
15. new crystal gasket
16. diashock assembly & spring
17. new barrel & chrono bridge

So we went from the first pic to the last. The yellow sticky notes are there to prevent the floppy minute hand from scratching the dial more than it had especially since I sent it from the US to the UK. I'm not confident in removing a two piece sweep hand since I haven't done it before.

Rust stinks, but it appears that it is survivable...

I can't wait to get it back. :)


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Another one Saved! Great work by Simon!

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Tod - Some amazing work by your guy Simon. Jeweled the upper and lower mainspring arbor ports for you. Came out very nice. Enjoy the Pogue.
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