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I've been lurking for a while, years actually, collecting vintage and not so vintage Seiko and Orient mechanical divers and chronographs. I just love these engineering works of art.

I have a 6138-3000 that has been cleaned and lubed.

I made the mistake of letting the person servicing the movement polish the case . . . to tell the truth, the case looked like it was sandpapered by a child when I got it back.

And yes, I did give them specific and detailed instructions as to just how gently I wanted the polishing to be.

To say the least, I was disappointed big time.

Never again will I make the mistake of asking a non-professional do anything cosmetic with one of my vintage watches.

I took the time over the last couple of years locating a new case and crystal, but instead of getting the 6138-3000 crystal and case, I found it easier to get the 6138-3002 crystal and case.

Great, now I need some advise regarding the following from the experts on this forum:

1. Is the dial from the 3000 going to fit in the 3002 case?

2. Will the pushers and the crown fit in the 3002?

3. There is an inner bezel as well, is this interchangeable?

4. Is there anything else I need to know?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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the 3000 and the 3002 are different, if you look at the lug area of the 3000 and then the 3002 you will see that there is some extra metal between the lugs of the 3000 which makes the cut out very straight, the 3002 has a deeper cut out that goes all the way up to the bezel, they also take two different crystals that are not interchangeable unless you swap the bezel they are bonded too, all inner parts do interchange as mentioned earlier
best of luck with your project

here's a picture uploaded by startsomething many moons ago

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