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6138-0030 Time for a little Champagne.......Part 1...+ Part 2

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Well, Do to a major storm and a little power outage I had a self imposed day off from work. So, what's one to do? For starters, get the generator out for some power in the house to keep the necessities going. Mainly the water, fridges, freezers, and of course the ultrasonic!

I had been busy at work having a hectic day when the watch arrived a couple of days ago and only got as far as getting the bubble wrap out of the Fedex box.
Further inspection would have to wait until after work when I arrived home that evening. Still, it looked pretty good thru that plastic............

The first couple of days I tried out the functions and checked the time keeping. Everything worked and reset correctly. Time keeping was also very good right out of the box at +45 sec. in 24 hours. It also had "service" engravings on the inside of the case back apparently made by a watch maker. How do they write so small?? The movement was also spotless.

I popped the pushers, crown-stem, and movement out of the case. Removed the bezel, crystal, crystal gasket, and chapter ring down to the bare case. It's seen some action in it's day but was obviously loved, worn, and bumped about over the years.

And finally, after Gently working on 40 years of bumps + bruises for an hour and a half it was off to the 190 degree Ultrasonic for a 30 minute bath..........

Part 2 in the works and to follow..........:yahoo:
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Nice work Tom !! Can't wait for part 2 .... :rolleyes:
Part 2:

With all the case work + cleaning done it was time to re-assemble everything and give this thing a test drive. I installed new pusher gaskets, replaced the incorrect Bullhead crown, 65M02NS, with a correct nos 55M24NS crown w/gasket, and a nos 354616 stem. Installed a nos FH3180B case back gasket along with a quality replacement mineral glass crystal. I was on the fence with the outer bezel. It was in pretty good condition with a small ding or two around it's outer edge but since I had a nos 83399971 Seiko bezel I decided to go the Full Monty on this restoration and install it.

The final challenge was the bracelet. Since the original had some "Patch" work and a few incorrect links I decided to save it for another day. I could have as much time in the bracelet alone as I do in the case work. I opted instead for one of Jonathan's "H" link bracelets I had been saving for just the right watch and just the right occasion in Honor of him. I think it fits the bill nicely.

So, for a watch that was supposed to be incoming from Fla, which turned out to be a Hugo Chavez Special inbound from Venezuela, Shipped on Tuesday, received on Wed, rested for two days and Restored on my wrist by Friday, this was quite a Journey for this O'l Gal..........

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This is going to turn out nice, I saw the photos of it a couple of days ago and the dial is very nice-)

You're brave putting the tacy insert into the ultrasonic. I put an old but mint one from a 6139-6002 into my ultrasonic and it faded the insert. I was pised off;-(
That looks superb Tom, great dial and i really like those type of hands on those.

ps: I always put bezels in the ultrasonic and have never had a problem, on the contrary they have come out better than expected most times.
The bracelet works very well on that model
Very Nice, Very Very Nice ....Like that bracelet also :)
Thanks guys!
I've been enjoying this on the wrist for a couple of days now and it's working well and looking good........:) Now I just need to recover from the financial blow and stay away from the bay and the trading post for a while.....It's going to be tough!
Another great watch for the collection Tom, looks superb.
Cheers Michael
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