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I have a ...... " Seiko 6119 C ", Movement ",
if any one would like one for spare parts.
I am not using it for anything.
Looks nice and clean but would have to clean more to use.

Only thing when I got it, it was about ....... " 50 % apart ".
( Its in a ...... Zip Lock Bag. )
I'll mail it to you, for FREE no problem.
Send me your (PM and your Mailing Address )along Please.
or email me at ........ [email protected] .;
If outside ...... CONUS, let me know roughly what it would cost
to send in letter envelope. (Amount of stamps needed.)
I ran out of those little brown shipping bags so have to use a
mailing Letter Envelope to send it, but I'll use bubble in it.

Has no Balance wheel
The Day/Date no good but there.
No Crown or Stem
Screws are very good
Watch Body looks good also
Aloha LongBike
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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