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6119-8450 SAT Monster:-)

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Oh no not another customized watch. Sorry folks I do not know how it happened as it was completely unplaned:biggrin:

If anyone is to blame (can not blame Polly anymore as she's dead) I recon it's Dani (Mr L) for sending me his old 6116-8450. It was not too bad and I though I would 'restore' it but buggered the dial when cleaning it. It was a lot more fragile than I had anticipated due to aging.

After sitting in the draw for several months due to lack of a crystal, I found I had a spare 320W28GN that I had polished for a 6139 I was working on. Super Hero Stefan came up with a NOS jobbie so the polished one was spare. This made customizing the 6119-8450 a proposition.

The case was duly rubbed all over with Scotchbrite to make it satin along with the bezel that needed a few bumps and scratches working on first. I found a stem and crown with a reasonable gasket that fitted and after giving the movement the full Monty assembled the watch along with a SAT dial from Dagaz and the old hands left over from my Snow Monster conversion.

I have tried this dial and hand combination on quite a few watches and although I like the clarity they have never jelled until now. They seem to suit the case shape.

Up till recently I did not like the 8450 case (or the 6139 equivalent) but it is growing on me, the 6119 in particular sits appreciably lower on the wrist because it is thinner and its pebble like qualities make it unobtrusive to wear.
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Yeah, yeah, blame me.:rolleyes:

Everyone else does.:grin:

Nice mod BTW.:clap:
Can't quite put my finger on it Mike but for some reason I like that, simple and high VIS :)
simple and high VIS

No.1 criteria when your a blind old fart like me.
I really like that, nice combo. I like the "Tuna" style dial.
Love the plain dial, very unfussy and professional looking. Case is nice a profile, no crown prominent. Shame there isn't a bezel with it, just my opinion. Another project idea for me, why do I look :). Thanks for sharing.
Regards, David
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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