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Hi guys, as some of you may know I've managed to snaffle myself a 6105-8110 for free from my local watchsmith, it needs a new mainspring and the stem has snapped in the crown, both jobs I can sort myself, I was going to get aftermarket bezel and dial but have decided to keep it original.
Anyway what movement does the 6105 originate from? I've done some searching but not found a definite answer just lists of movements bunched together.
I'd like to know as I have a disc with all the available technical guides on it, but the one for the 6105 only has a parts list and not a strip down schematic drawing like alot if the other movements, any help greatly appreciated thanks guys.
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Seiko literature says the representative caliber for all aspects of the 6105A and 6105B is the 6106A, except for the date setting (for that you should refer to the 6145A).
Glad to hear you're keeping it honest with the original dial and hands.

Oh, and hear is a nice color scan of the older guides, if yours' were not of the same quality:
Many many thanks for your reply mate, I haven't yet opened your link as I'm at work at the mo but will shortly. I was looking for hours trying to decipher what movements are similar and one post here and it's sorted, again thanks
Superb, just used up the worlds allocation of printer ink and now have a lovely collection of really clear tech guides, thank you for doing the High res ones, so many times ive looked at these tech sheets and you just cannot make out half of the diagrams.
You're welcome, but thanks go to Stony for the hi-res scans.
They are the best aren't they, the pages of all the movement derived from certain base movements is invaluable, it's going to make my work sooo much easier now
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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