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6105-8110 project

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Well i've finally completed my 8110 project. I'm very pleased with the results and wear this watch all the time now. Yes I know what your going to say " it's not the original this and that ". Yes that is true of the dial hands and bezel insert. all the originals were truly awful. I have kept all these parts although not sure what to do to save them. The movement itself is the original. Once it was dismantled I found that the mainspring was broken and that the one of the gears in the winding mechanism had a couple of teeth missing due to corrosion. I sourced the replacements for these from a 6106 movement that I had for spares. Also required was the winding weight which again I sourced from the same place. the only thing that i'm not happy with is the after market bezel inserts mismatched lume. I will rectify this at some point but until that time I'm generally very pleased. Kev

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Well done for completing your project, that's always pleasing. You should be very happy with your efforts, well done, it looks great.
Sure you know the parts are aftermarket but that's your choice and if it makes you smile-enjoy!

How about a pic of those original parts...let's see what can be done :)
i'll post some of the before pic's and i'll take some of the original removed parts for you to look at. They are pretty bad lol
As requested I've added some before photo's also here some of the original dial, hands, crystal and bezel. And yes before you ask it is the original crystal form the previous photo's i've spent a good few hours sanding and polishing and yes when it is good enough i will re-install it lol

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welcome to the forum..great work...
Well done on the crystal, I love to see these re-used :)
The hands and dial are prime re-luming candidates. The actual dial is fine, the silver around the hour indices are going to look a bit pants unless touched up.
To be honest it was just the fact that the indices were missing that prompted me to fit the new dial and hands. I've never had a go at re-luming before and won't start with this dial lol
well it looks great what you did..i agree i love the original parts..either way..i love to see them brought back to life and those aftermarket parts look very close too..not like some we have all seen here..great job so far
Some of those horible green lumed ones are pretty bad. I got this one from Seikosis and the hands from urtimekeeper on ebay. they were both quite expensive but you get what you pay for and i think they are very close to the originals and the lume matches very well on both. I think as far as the bezel goes i will drill the aftermarket lume marker to the original size and then try and match the lume on the new dial and hands.
Excellent, you've certainly brought that one back from the dead. The Seikosis dial is not bad at all imho. I'd definitely have a go at cleaning up and reluming the original dial and hands though.
To be honest it was just the fact that the indices were missing that prompted me to fit the new dial and hands. I've never had a go at re-luming before and won't start with this dial lol
I didn't even look to those, I see what you mean. Yep if have had to change that out too.
Not a lot you can do except try to touch them back in with a steady hand....but it's got car crash written all over it lol.
I would've got an original dial you may as well use for a re-lume 'test' should you ever find yourself in this situation again! I bet you do!!

very nice. love these watches. have two
What did you use to sand the crystal please, my 6105 8110 needs polishing up as the crystal is really badly scratched and I'd like to try and keep it with the watch and not swap it out for an aftermarket if I can help it
great it more i see it...makes me want a 6105 more than ever
You have done a good Job Kev.

No matter what the parts still are just enjoy it in comfort. Later
you can do all the other changes, but the results you have now
is very good. It look great compared to what it was.:72:
Proud owner of a worth while watch.
You did a great job! I love seeing a 6105-8xxx brought back to life.

I have a 6105 project that I want to start. I have a case with a good crystal but no back. I have an original dial but it has been painted red & the silver indices has most all of the silver gone (corrosion). If you decide to trade/sell your dial look me up!
hey dont drill out that bezel...i would replace it before doing that...
It is amazing you did make a new crystal.
Good job!
Well I finally found the perfect bezel insert which is as close to the original as makes no difference. Thanks Harold. :)

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Sweet job & watch :clap::clap::clap:
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