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6105-8110 Fix up

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A 6105-8110 has been top of my wish list for a while. I considered buying the best ready-to-wear example I could afford, but where's the fun in that? After steeling myself I bought a non-runner, the dial, hands and bezel all looked good and the movement seemed to be clean and complete. It wasn't cheap, but not too risky either.

Initial impressions on arrival were good, the first problem I found was a worn bearing on the autowind device. I've got a few 6106s in my spares drawer and they all seem to have this problem, a weak point in this generation of movements?

The next problem was a broken pawl, one leg was snapped off. The cause turned out to be the barrel, which was stuck solid. It think it's possible the movement has never been serviced (there's no sign it has), the grease on the arbor had completely dried out, and it was seized in the bridge bushing. After cleaning I could see wear on the arbor, but the bushing looks OK, thankfully, as the bridge is unique to the 6105B.

The rest of the movement was OK. I fitted a replacement barrel, arbor and pawl from a 6106 and got a NOS 6106 autowind device from Stefan which I'm using until I figure out how to replace the bearing in the original one?

Other than cleaning and fitting new gaskets, I left the case alone. The crystal was beyond saving though as it has the biggest, deepest scratch I've ever seen on a watch, so I sourced one of Jonathan's repros through the trading post.

The old crystal is a bit mysterious. It's one of the early taller types, but instead of having a flat top it has the rarer curved top. However, the watch is from '75, which seems odd as the taller crystals were discontinued in '72 - as I understand from Jonathan's posts. Who knows?

I'm not a fan of rubber straps, but after looking at every 6105 pic on the internet, two or three times over, I'm forced to admit it does look it's best on black rubber. I went for an OEM Marine Master strap and it's surprisingly comfy.

As bought


Cheers, Sam.
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Very nice Sam, really very nice, that has a GREAT dial and hands which imo is the most important part of a 6105 restore (all the rest can be sorted as you know).

I think the 6105 is one of the most comfortable models to wear out there, I think they look great on a rubber but i do prefer to wear them on a nice oyster :) :clap::clap::clap:
More pics of that big scratch in the orig crystal please....or send it over if you can...I had seen your wtb, I meant to ask why....
Basically I brought a couple of 6105 crystals off the very decent unclepenn for peanuts (thanks Larry). I'd clean yours up or swap it out over for you as an SCWFer...if you didn't mind a few weeks wait. Or I can spin it back out to SCWF, as was the original idea anyhow....
Wow, that's a beauty. I'm still looking for mine.

That's a stunning dial and hand set. I'm insanely jealous.:cool:

Quick edit
Sorry that should have read , im jealous and insane
Great looking watch . . . . I'd love to own one some day. Congrats on a great result for the restore!
Gorgeous. I like the MM combo too - never really considered anything other than Wjean's repro before.
That's a lovely result, dial hands and insert are superb, congratulations!
well great find...and amazing work....looks incredible...
Looks fantastic. Congratulations and nice work. Enjoy.

Amazing work. Good to see its guts too!

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Excellent job. Well done.

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hmmmm starting to slobber here.... Tom.... You know what's coming next!
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