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6105-8000 resist-resist. has anybody ever seen one?

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just bought one and i understand they are quite rare.looking for some info about them.


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I think Russell has one and possible Clayton, they are the guys to give you information on that "rare" one i believe they were only produced for a very short period, nice one. :)
Yes, they do exist, here is mine.

And resist caseback

Don't know how long the production run on resist/resist. This one is from June of 1969
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well mine is from June 1970 so that is at least a year of production. i wonder why they are so rare then?
Over the past year I have seen quite a few resist resist go through eBay, I had no idea they were harder to find than proof/proof versions. I know proof/proof 811X are pretty rare. Out of curiosity, do all resist/resist 800x have the hacking 6105b or is there a mix of a and b?

I wonder if it has something to do with the 8000 vs 8009 export model with the 8009 more likely to carry resist earlier than the 8000's?
well, mine is 8009 with the non hacking 6105 movement.
I have one.. its an 8009 from February 1970 It has a hacking movement.
Which from what Iv'e read and 'we' have hashed out before puts that towards the end of the run for the smaller cased 6105.

the 6105-8000/9 is an anamoly for lots of reasons, some of them are that it does sometimes contain the hacking 'b' or non hacking 'a' movement and that it spans a time when dial nomenclature changed from being able to claim 'water proof'
and then having for what I'm sure would be legal or ISO reasons to 'water resist'

I think its the rarest of the 6105 divers series, the resist resist- because at the time of the change over for the wording from proof to resist also marks the time of the larger cased 6105-8110/9 overlapped.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to having an 'A' vs 'B' movement but there is some dial writing at 6 that corresponds to each type of movement... meaning that the writing at 6 is specific to the resist/proof but not mutually exclusive to hack non hack.
here is mine.

Confused ,Maybe we can get Mike Mounce to chime in if anyone knows about these if it Mike.
Or Dr. Seiko can jump in ...

To qoute Shawn Taylor , you kids know who he is right?
he laid out what he thought where some of the rarest - more common Seiko Divers

6105-8000/9 resist resist
Obviously there are more,
Like some of the custom one offs like a 6306-scubapro or a 6215-7000 300m and some of the more esoteric stuff
but really his premise and I tend to agree is about the time frame or more accurately the duration of the time frame that these models where made.

Id post the links to this all but I then where is the mystery????

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Just opened my watch to see the exact type of movement and it is the 6105b yet it does not hack. Is that a mulfunction?

Yes if it is a 6105B it should hack, perhaps the hacking lever needs resetting or a service would sort it out, or i did come across one were the hacking lever was broke.
I remember reading over on the old site that there are some 6105B that don't hack and don't have the hacking lever at all. In essence they are 're-numbered' 6105a movements. This appears to be normally only ever on 6105b movements that come from very late 69 through 1970 but could be in either 800X or 811X watches.

OK, just found a link to a post by Pete.. Crayfish....
Mystery is solved then. Thank you very much.

From what i have been told the 6105-8110 only had Four Months of production with a Proof/Proof Dial and 8110 case back so i think that must rate as the rarest.
All 6105-B Mvt HACK ALL if it is a B mvt and it is not Hacking it is in need of Repair
All 6105-A mvt do not hack, and can not be made to Hack, By just adding a Hacking Lever .

This is really one of those things, that can get very confusing, due to the fact that at times there will be 6106 parts, and it can appear that a 6105-A mvt hacks

This has been explained, in SPADES to me, By Both Randall Dr Seiko and Pete Khun Both that I trust there word 110% as all that know them would.

Many times many, I would wind up w/ a 6105-/w a "A" Mvt wanting to make it hack, and it's just not possible.

Funny, I have started a while back, to Respect the Non Hacking A Mvt, the 6105-8009 I have that is Rest/Rest hhas a 6105-A mvt, That
looks like the day it was made, I was thinking of swapping a B -whacking Mvt into her, and I Stopped Dead in my Tracks with

the thought, this 6105-8009 Rest/Rest Deserves to be Keep 100% org, and since that day, I will 95% of the time, let the specialness of the A non hacking mvt stay.

Randall once had a Parts 8000 I sent along /w a Repair job, he wound up Rebuilding the Watch, made great effort to Relume in Blue a Dial that was past Salvaging, and the Mvt happened to have a 6106 parts in her

and he brought her back to ORG 6105 parts and he put alot of work into her, we had some miss communication, and she had a Nice case and Bezel so he rebuilt her

My Point is, during that rebuild and one simmalr Rebuild w/ Pete in AU I became clear B-s Hack As Don't Hack

Happy Mothers Day to all, The Wis Moms
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the example I have posted above 6105-8009 resist-resist from june 1969 has non hacking 6105a movt.
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