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3rd time back...with my exit collection :)

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Hey mates,

I had been active on the old network54 board but wasn't that much around here. Guess I just needed some time to find what's good and what not...

I hope some of you remember me (Hey Mark...just read you had been away from the board too).

The last years I tried almost everything to find "the watch" and now it seems it started to end with the beginning...

I started my WIS life in 2007 with Seikos and went through a little more than 400 watches since then, just to find out that Seikos are all what I'm lusting for...

The SBDX001 was my grail for a long time but I wasn't brave enough to buy a Seiko for about 2k€.
I always thought "It's a very very nice watch but it can't be so nice to explain that it cost almost 4 times of what a Sumo cost" I know it can ...

I have my MM300 since 1 month now and can't be happier...or could I??

Well...I'm a diver guy...but chronos are very nice watches too and I need to have one. So I started to dig for a nice Seiko vintage auto chrono like a UFO or a Helmet...well...none of them that are for sale were in a condition I'd like them to have.
The Flightmaster would be a very nice Chrono but unfortunately I couldn't find any for sale.
But one day I accidentally stumbled over a sales thread for a Seiko Brightz limited edition automatic chrono and fell in love...that dial leaves me speechless every time I look at it...what a beauty.

But...that's not all...I need to have a Seiko that I can wear in the garden or when working on the car. I don't want to set the time on this watch when wearing it, so it has to be a quartz. It can't be a Kinetic because I rarely wear it and so it'll went out of power. But I don't want just a simple battery driven quartz...Solar is the way to go.
And this lead me to my Seiko SSC019p1 Solar Diver Chrono...
A simple chrono, nice to wear, rock solid and won't be bothered if it stays in the drawer even for weeks.

But...still not all...I need a watch for sports too.
For me sports watches don't have to have any mechanical parts.
Mechanical parts can be damaged by g-force while doing mechanical parts, no damage.
But the usual Seiko digital sports watches aren't what I was looking for. I don't want a rubber watch and I don't want a rubber strap...stainless steel is what I was looking for.
The vintage Seikos are very very nice, but nothing I would beat up on a downhill ride or similar.
The EPDs are way too expensive...should be a simple sports watch...some folks are buying cars for what they cost!
Google image search helped me this time and brought up the Seiko Spirit Power Design Digital SBFG001.
That thing is just everything one controlled, solar powered, 29 time zones, stop watch, contdown timer, 3 alarms, power save mode (can sleep up to 11 month) and is water resistant to 100m.

So...what's left...well...I had (and still have but am about to sell it) a blue Seiko dresser, the discontinued SARX005. The blue of the dial is just looks different from any angle, very hard to catch with a camera.

But...I'm a diver guy and so I just bought a very nice moded blue Sumo (my 9th Sumo btw) which is now on it's way from Alberty, Canada to Friedberg, Germany.

And...I won a watch and lucky me it's a Seiko.

The limited and discontinued NeoVintage Bullhead SCEB009...will be with me next Monday I hope. be continued...
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They're the best watches all around, I don't care what people say about Rolex, AP, IWC, Panerai. You can't beat these for the money and reliability
Welcome "back", those first four could be my first four no problem at all :)
Welcome back!
I was hoping it would take a longer time for me to catch the marine master bug... The pics of yours aren't helping!
Welcome back and that's a stunning collection :clap:
Great to see you here on the SCWF, too :)

What a sweet selection of some of Seiko's finest you got there, my personal favorite is the 8R28.

Btw.: I thought this was your exit collection? Then how do the Sumo and the Quarz Bullhead fit in?


Keep em coming!

lovely stuff, the brightz is super nice
I came back about eight months ago, though my hiatus from the boards and "collecting" started about 2007. I've been surprised by the intensity of my rekindled interest.

I definitely share your affinity for Seikos. Of the eight watches I've bought since returning, 6 are Seikos, 1 Alba, 1 Hamilton.
Very Nice Collection,i like every single one of them :) watches all around...second that :)'s good to be back :)

@madeofducktape...well...guess I should say "you're welcome", should I? ;)

@Mario...thanks :)

@Hermann...:)...I never said I quit buying watches...I said I quit with flipping them ;)

@Jim...thanks :)

@akiskx...thanks, me too ;)
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I put the Brightz chrono on a dark brown leather nato today.
Man...that's a pretty nice combo I'd say :)

Sent from my wooden drums using Tupperware
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Nice collection! I am on that fence on getting the mm300
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