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I have a few Seikomatics that need tidying up and last night it was this 6206-8990's turn from March 1964, so over 50 year old.

I never took any before pictures as it was only my intention to just look at it but a few hours later it was sitting on my wrist, you know how it goes :)

The crystal was cracked and scratched and needed replacing but luckily I got a couple in a spares lot I received not long back (338W01AN).

The bezel on these is obviously a press fit and does not rotate but underneath it was packed with DNA, I had to scrape it off before it went in the ultrasonic(how does it get there ? ) and the case was in the same condition, under the bezel and between the lugs had to be scraped off uuugh.

The bracelet a "MaruMan" was in the same condition, the links were packed with gunge, after a few runs through the ultrasonic the water was so dirty i couldent see the bracelet but came out spotless and imo it looks pretty good on the watch and wears really nice.

The "Gold" movement looks like new, spotless which is keeping (up to now) superb time and the day/date complication working as it should, new gaskets fitted.

The engraved case back very worn but just able to make out the details, which again shows this watch has had plenty of wear in its life.

Dial and hands in pretty good condition for a 50 year old and the hand lume still glows for a second or two.

Even though most of the time i wear a big heavy watch imo this size and weight watch is almost perfect to wear as they tend to be all dial and little case whereas these days it seem s to be all case.

In general a nice watch and i do like the full day window :)

ps: I do wish Seiko had rationalized there crystal sizes a little !!! so many different sizes and configurations :(

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