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24 hours in the grip of the Tsunami - a review.

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A little review of the Fuller watch co tsunami watch 6309-704x cushion Seiko divers watch remake of the '70s-80's.

DIAL- The 6309-704x style black dial has great lume and the printing is sharp and crisp.The red "water resist" text jumps off the dial. The 6R15 text on the bottom of the dial harkes back to the cased in Hong Kong from later 6309 divers, looks great a good hommage to the original watch.
CRYSTAL- A big improvement on the original flat hardlex. The Tsunami has a scratchproof domed anti glare sapphire crystal that looks great at all angles.
BEZEL- A huge improvement here, the aluminium bezel has now been replaced with a stainless steel variant. The bezel now clicks 120 times and is now unidirectional. this now feels tight and precise. the bezel insert now angles up to meet the domed crystal in my view a great idea and resembles the Omega styling of the seamaster pro' range.
WATCH CASE- The old 6309 and the Tsunami are similar only at a quick glance. the better case design means a greater water depth rating to 333m. the drilled lugs now make strap changes a doddle(great if you can't make your mind up wich strap to use!)
CROWN- I chose the knurled crown for a moore tool like appearance. the crown unscrews smoothly with no wobble and handwinds smoothly. when pushed back the crown engages the threads with little effort to screw home.
BRACELET- the oyster style bracelet is very chunky with solid end pieces. The bracelet is 22mm throughout so doesn't taper, which maks the watch really balanced on the wrist. Each individual link is wing shaped so when assembled together it gives an appearance like a sea wave or "white horses" design, very clever! The flip lock clasp is as good as any swiss watch i've had together with an ample diver extension for a wet suit.
WATCH MOVEMENT- The biggest and best part of this watch is the use of the 6R15 movement a triumph! The tsunami handwinds,and also hacks for easier timekeeping.(i find it hard to grasp-yes i'm handwinding a 6309 type watch,brilliant!)
to sum it all up i love the watch i have no connection to Mr fuller or his company.i would have however have liked some kind of paperwork or card to accompany the watch, perhaps showing the concept of the Tsunami and showing my limited edition like Doxa for example.
THOUGHTS OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT?- Perhaps Noah can work his magic on the '70s 6105 diver and call it "the appocalypse"- just a thought, John.
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8) Congrats John, welcome to the club, my Tsunami Bro. ;)

Mine says hi.

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