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Hi all Aqualand fans!

Thought I'd post a quick comparison of a 22mm replacement band I have found and like (so far).

The black dial watch shown below has an original Citizen replacement band on it which looks brand new.

I couldn't find a true Citizen band replacement for my C023 089405 Aqualand watch (yellow dial) - Citizen doesn't seem to stock them anymore, but found the one shown below on Amazon (Timewheel) for ~$15.

The main differences are:
The font size of the ND limits and the replacement has metric units.
The replacement has a shiny buckle vs. a matte buckle on the Citizen.
The buckle geometry is slightly different.
The vent hole pattern is different.
The Citizen band is ~2.82mm thick and the replacement is ~3.12mm thick.
The Citizen band will fit a slightly larger range of wrist sizes - it has more holes in each size direction for adjustment.

I was skeptical at $15, but am very happy with it as it is a very close match in material, texture, feel, comfort and looks.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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