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Seiko 5 Sports 6119 6053


This is my first watch review, so i'll gladly stick to Isthmus' template.


Model Number
Seiko 5 Sports 6119 6053

Official or unofficial Nickname
I'm not aware of any nickname, but if i would be asked to name it, i would call it the "Seiko Sailor". Why will become clear when we get to the bezel.

I found this Seiko on the net. The pictures on the website were very vague, but after some trial and error i could reconstruct the model nr and was able to track a similar watch on the 'bay. This allowed me to see what it really looked like. It immediately appealed to me and as the seller didn't live that far away, i went over to her place to check out the watch.
It turned out to be near mint - exept for some extremely minor spotting on the hour hand that is only visible under a certain angle - so i bought it, as the asking price was very reasonable.


- 6119 automatic wind movement
- 21 jewels
- non hacking
- non hand winding
- quickset day/date (quickset of the day by pressing the crown, date correction by winding the crown)
- not yet chrono tested but apparently running ever so slightly slow

Case review

I don't know what a case like this would be called. It has a very particular shape, which i guess you either like or you don't. I do.

Width (L to R): 40mm
Diagonal: 54mm
Height (lug to lug): 45mm
Total Thickness: 11mm
Bezel: 41mm

The case back reads:

"Stainless Steel 6119 - 6053 Water Resistant"

The crown (at 4) is nearly completely hidden in the case.

Dial and hands

- Silver dial
- Silver hour & minute hands with white inlay (maybe luminescent in the past, but not anymore)
- orange second hand
- white hour markers

- in very small font it says "Japan 6119 -6050s


The crystal is flawless. No scratches visible. It is slightly domed, starting 1mm above the bezel.


Seiko bracelet in very good condition, but i'm not 100% sure it belongs to this watch. I have read somewhere that the original bracelets on this kind of case would widen just below the lugs. The clasp is signed Seiko, in bas-relief. The inside of the clasp is marked with "STL Stelux" and "All stainles steel".


It is a double bezel watch:

- inner bi-directional plastic bezel, under the crystal, showing 12 hours, 4 in blue, the rest in green. This bezel is moved by turning the crown when fully pushed in.
- outer bi-directional bezel, showing 60 minutes:

  • 0-10: from warning sign to start sign of a sailing regatta
    11-20: 10 minutes counted from start sign (if not past starting line after this, you are counted as a non starter)
    21-60: to complete 1hr
Special Features

The watch is Water Resist up to 70m, quite a strange depth, but regular for the 6119's.

Closing opinion

It's not a regular looking watch, but i like the style a lot. I'll wear it, but only if i'm quite sure it's safe to do so. I'd like to keep it looking the way it does now.

This was the first Seiko i bought. Since i have this one, i've added 5 more, of which 2 are still in the mail...

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hi there. i have the same watch in need of some fresher looking parts like the bezel, the face , hands etc. any ideas where i can find some?. i have a col pogue as well, but that was a little easier to source parts.
any help would be great. thanks

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Just got my 6119-6020S back from service. It came to me with the movement slathered in oil, not that it was running wonky. Just to be sure I had it serviced. It is a model without external bezel with 38mm width and 43mm lug to lug. Perfect size for me actually. Came not with original bracelet.
61xx series Seiko movt is my favourite and I have a few of them.


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