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Agreed Project Name:
Calibre 56 Quick Set Renovation Project (C56QSRP)

Project Milestones:

  • 010 - Outline and Prerequisites
  • 020 - Background information and problem statement
  • 030 - Technical goal statement
  • 031 - Market analysis and commercialization
  • Brainstorm possible solutions
  • Collect information on solutions - what has been done/tried?
  • Vote on 1-3 solutions to pursue further
  • Work on solutions
Practical approach:

  • The main communication platform will be this subforum with the SCWF
  • Each milestone will get a separate thread
  • The first post of each thread will contain the summary of our discussions
  • The second post is dedicated to a status/action tracker
Noah Riley (team member)
Anthony Kable (team member)
Peter Lanczak (team member)
Richard Askham (team member)
Adrian Sellick (team member)
Hermann Schuchnigg (team member/moderator)

Agreed prerequisites:

  • Decisions will be made in a democratic way, with a qualified majority deciding, every project member has the same weight
  • Please keep discussions brief, concise and solution oriented
  • Please do NOT FAST TRACK at any time in the communication main stream, especially jumping to conclusions and solutions early on. Your ideas are the core value of this project, please note everything down and SHARE it when we get there - otherwise we might lose/discard some good ideas early on and the project will be hard to moderate
  • Within each thread, please strictly stick to the topic and not get side-tracked to make it easier for everyone to follow
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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