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  1. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Thought this might help people who want a cheap way to clean solid metal watch parts (not the movements or electronics), without polishing or needing chemicals/machines. I do this for watch cases and bracelets every time I get a "new" Seiko in the post. 1. Put a teabag (black tea, not herbal)...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I have an old Seiko watch with arabic months and I was wondering if anyone can tell me it's value. The numbers at the back are 830854 and 7546-6010. Attached are 2 pictures. Thanx!!! Stasinos
  3. Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    hey im kinda new to the forum, but i saw a lot of good advice from some previous post. ive got this old 7123 8420-p and I want to replace the glass as the final step in the proces of restoring this watch I found in my parents garage. right now i'm kinda lost where to look for the glass or...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I found this forum while looking for resources that help me improve my knowledge about repairs watch. I'm here to learn from the experiences of others in this community. Looking forward to interacting with you!
  5. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone! This watch belonged to my grandmother and I was wondering if it is genuine? The back is stamped 14k (but we all know that doesn’t mean anything). Any tips and/or ideas?
  6. Seiko Reviews
    I have a question about the SEIKO prospex"Save the Ocean"..version. On the Internet, I found out that there are many versions for this edition so I would like to ask about the differences..From I know that, SBDY021 has 2 languages for the day and the made in Japan engraved on the watch while...
  7. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hey its my first post here, my grandfather gave me this watch and I was just wondering if anyone knows any info on it or how much it is worth? Thanks!
  8. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi , New member here. I was looking for a watch (Nothing fancy just a normal good watch) and came across 2 similar looking models.. Seiko SNE361 and 361P1? I searched everywhere but couldn't find what the difference is. can someone here help?? :)
  9. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi Guys :grin: Here is another short Show&Tell by my hand. I hope that it is enjoyable. Regards, Peter Ps. Let me know what you think, and what i could do better.
  10. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    I recently received a citizen Eco Drive watch, not sure what the model is (it has a black face and three smaller faces with a metal wristband). In one of the small faces you can see the charge level and mine is always stuck in the dead center. The charge level is separated into three bars, and I...
1-10 of 16 Results