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  1. Seiko 6R15-01D0 SBDC029 "Shogun"

    All Titanium 200m diver watch. Super lightweight and fun to wear!
  2. 4D6D852A-40BB-4C1C-A0CB-858A232E5FDB_1_105_c.jpeg

    Seiko "Landmaster" from November 1994. Purchased without the Ti bracelet but put a reproduction cloth and Velco NASA strap on it and it's wonderful. Super comfortable to wear and I can strap it on over a coat for the mission!
  3. Parts, Tools & Accessories Reviews
    Hi all, I purchased a used skyhawk in rather good external condition. I need 3 parts for it, wondering if anyone knows how i can get them. I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks in advance for your help. So.. 3 parts for a citizen Skyhawk Titanium model no. JY0010-50e. Movement U600. 1) diamond...
  4. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hi, all. I have recently acquired a very beautiful vintage (1995, I believe) Seiko AGS Spirit. This has the 5M22A movement and is cased in a single piece titanium case with a matching titanium bracelet. The whole rig is extremely light and is in excellent condition. Capacitor, of course, had to...
  5. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Hello! New member here...great forum and looking forward to being around. As the title states, I'm looking for the original titanium bracelet which I believe came with the rest of the Alpinist 8F56 series except for the SBCJ031 creme dial. It's prob a long shot - but if you've got an extra...
  6. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Here's my newest restoration; a Q&Q Worldtimer with the legendary Citizen C300 movement but in a rarely seen Titanium case. I bought it as a non-runner with a ruined movement a few years ago and managed to find a donor movement this year. What's strange about the donor was that the owner had...
  7. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Recently bought a Seiko 7a28-7069 titanium sports 100, but unfortunately the band is one link too small and I am super bummed. Desperately in need of at least 1 link, or even a full band (b1094), for the titanium PVD bracelet that came on the 7a28-7060 or 7a28-7069 Thank you:D
  8. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    WATCH IS SOLD Dear all, I'm proposing this wonderful AGS Flightmaster with 5M45 caliber. This has the "real" GMT function with independently moveable hour hand. The watch is 39mm in diameter, without crown. The dial has a very subltle crosshatch structure. The caseback is engraved with a "S"...
  9. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hello! I will start by saying that I am absolutely in love with my new watch by Citizen! When I was a child I had a Smart Watch, in highschool I had a Nixon Player, and now after years of reading the time on my smartphone I finally bought myself this kick ass titanium watch by Citizen...
1-9 of 11 Results