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  1. Seiko Gurus! Need help with some 6139 troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I've been a long time lingerer, and this website has in no small part been fueling my recent Seiko obsession. But I finally decided to register today to get some much needed assistance with one of my 6139s. I recently got my hands on an original 6139-6005 black dial for my Seiko...
  2. My 6139-6040 Restoration Project

    Since buying a 6138-0300 from Enicar.racine here on SCWF, ive been wanting a gold faced 6139-6040, so when this non operational one came up in a lot on ebay, i couldn't resist. Ive rebuilt automotive engines, compressors, differentials, how hard could this be, right? Ive ordered a few tools off...