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  1. Seiko Sportura-back into service

    I'm looking to change the battery and restart my old Sportura 100, unused for 6 years + and have read up on several of the useful instruction vids online. I was unable to adjust the hands and also couldn't recall if my watch had a screw down crown or a pull-out version ( I understand the...
  2. WTB: seiko stainless steel m0ND111J0

    Looking for a stainless steel m0nd111j0 band for my seiko sportura big calendar watch! Does not have to be new, can also be a couple of extention pieces/links to increase my current one. Hoping to hear from anyone.
  3. Seiko Sportura Tri-Groove/Holt Bezel Tool Information Wanted

    Parts, Tools & Accessories Reviews
    Hello forum followers! I have searched and searched, but have found nothing. I have Seiko Sportura H024-00A0 (SNJ019/021) watches that have 4 tri-groove screws (also called Holt-head) holding the bezel in place (see picture attached). Some of these screws have loosened, and I would like to be...