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  1. First Attempt At Modding + Lesson Learned

    So today I attempted my first foray into watchmaking/modding - swapping the day/date wheel of a NH36 movement. This is the end result: You may notice that the day and date colors don't match. And that's because of today's lesson: don't skimp on tools. I, in my infinite wisdom, assumed that...
  2. AM SKX Dial w/ Sunburst & Day/Date?

    Hey all, I'm considering working with Brian from on a custom dial for an SKX project I'm toying with. Concept attached if interested - would love feedback. One thing that would cut down Brian's production time is if I could source a dial, versus him having to cut one...
  3. Best Way to Acquire an SKX007 To Mod?

    So I want to ease my way into watchmaking and I figured that modding an SKX would be the safest/most fun way to start. Problem is I had no idea that the watch on its own would be so expensive, on top of the cost of the actual mods and watchmaking equipment. What's the best way to get my hands...
  4. SARG003/SKX MOD

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    SKX 007 Base SARG 003 Dial SNZG15 H/M Hands CT037 Blue AR DD Sapphire Crystal OSC Coin 90 Bezel DLW Red Arrow Seconds Hand DLW Vintage Style Ceramic Insert SARB059 Crown 4R35 Movement Geckota Solid Mesh Bracelet with Fitted End Links