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  1. Bry's 3D printed Tuna shroud

    Hey everyone, just a quick picture-laden post to show off my new shroud from our very own Bry! These are inexpensive and fit very well. This is the original for comparison: And this is Bry's shroud: As you can see the surface is not completely smooth but a bit structured, giving a...
  2. Photo tutorial: How to remove mini tuna shroud

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    Thought I'd share how I was able to remove the plastic shroud from my 7C43-6020, keeping it in one piece (phew!). I read this thread first, which suggested putting the shroud and case in very hot water, but mine seemed quite flexible still so I didn't bother. Disclaimer: The following steps...
  3. Restoring 7549 - 7009 Shroud

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Hi Guys, Refurbishing my old Golden Tuna and I have a serious problem with the shroud which had a few chips in it. I took it to a local bead blast and custom powder coating expert (have to say his work looks excellent) but he is making no progress at all with my shroud. I told him it was...
  4. Seiko H558 shroud metal 2nd production sample update

    Hi All, Previous metal sample was from a company that could not full fill the production run and here are first photos of the second company first production sample. And the CNC birth chamber. I should receive this in the post shortly. And the others will follow after 2 thumbs up. Kind regards Wayne