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  1. Seiko The Great Blue

    Parts, Tools & Accessories Reviews
    Hi There, My late mother bought me this watch back in 2001 from Singapore Airport. I have had it serviced regularly by Seiko UK in Maidenhead. Recently it stopped and I thought it was the battery but I also noticed the second hand had come adrift. I took it into Seiko UK in Maidenhead and...
  2. Citizen Service

    Citizen Reviews
    Good day Gents, I’ve got to log my satisfaction with the Citizen Service branch. I have just had a full service on my PMT56, first one in 15 years, and have to say I’m mightily impressed. Helpful, understanding and very reasonable costs for a full service as it kept going into power save mode...
  3. 1981-83 Pulsar Lady Diver Service?

    Vintage Watch Reviews (Vintage Japanese Watches)
    I'm the original owner of a Pulsar quartz ladies diver watch. It was stored in a box since the mid-1990s, as the battery had died. Other than that, it's in near perfect condition without any damage. In May, 2018, I dug it out and had a local watch shop change the battery to see if it ran, which...
  4. Servicing seiko 5206/5216

    Hello, I have two Seiko LM Specials and I would like to service them. Its hard to find a good watchmaker in India so I'm looking to service them myself. I would like to know if its possible for an amateur like me to do it by reading just the Seiko manual. Thanks!
  5. 7S26 service video tutorial

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    Mark Lovick, creator of Watch Repair Talk, has just put up a three-part (+ bonus) video tutorial showing him servicing a 7S26-0020: Disassembly Assembly: Gear train Assembly: Motion work & calendar Extra: Removing mainspring from barrel They're in his usual clear style and easy to follow...
  6. Question for Orient owners in Oceania eg. Anzac1957

    Hello all, As you may have read here... ...I am a new Orient owner. Orient does not have any distributor, service or parts network in this part of the world, and that's got me thinking. For...