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  1. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Hey guys Looking to clear out some of the extras I’ve acquired. All of these run, and keep time. Assume all would need service. $150 for all three! 7009-8129 - Polished original crystal, awesome dial, original BoR bracelet to 7.25”. Day sticks on some days during setting, but flips normally if...
    $150 USD
  2. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    SOLD : Seiko 7006-6030 Sport with Rally bezel for $90 Seiko 7006-6030 Sport with Rally bezel Dial : original, aging Hands : original, aging Case : unpolished, scratches from daily wearing Crystal : original, scratches from daily wearing especially on 8 Bezel : original, scratches from daily...
1-2 of 3 Results