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  1. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Most of the 62MAS I have seen usually have bezel inserts with faded paint at the edges. Is it possible to have it repainted or repaired? Has anyone done this before? Is there anyone here who knows anybody who can repaint bezel inserts? Any feedback will be appreciated. :c017:
  2. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    I know that there are a lot of us here who would like to ask the same question. Where can I get a Seiko 62Mas or 6217-8001 bezel ring? Or are there any substitute coming from another Seiko watch model? :confused: To all Seiko experts and collectors, please provide us with any information so...
  3. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    I'm looking for the following parts: 1. Bezel 2. Bezel insert 3. case back I'm trying to repair my old 62MAS. If you have any of these, please PM me. Thank you :)
1-3 of 3 Results