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seiko 6138 0030

  1. QQ: Replacing Seiko 6138-0030 Second Sweep hand

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a 6138-0030 Kakume where the guy who serviced my watch decided to repaint my second sweep hand without permission :o Anyhow, I hear that putting an aftermarket one on is a terrible idea bc it doesn’t fit properly, but I’ve also heard that once you...
  2. 1974 SEIKO 5 SPORTS SPEED TIMER 6138-0030

    eBay, good and bad.
    Looking at purchasing this watch... Curious if any of you experts can advise me on how authentic the watch appears? I've researched it myself and the big things I've noticed are: The smaller hands appear to be yellow, verse matching the longer orange arm. The hour and minute hands. The lum...