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  1. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    I have bought a new old stock Seiko 5 with a 7S26 movement, and the power reserve is about 6 hours (should be 40 hours). The watch is not running slow - or having any other issues. I have googlede and read quite a few threads on the similar problems. The first suggestion is usually - do you...
  2. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Rookie here. I want to shop for vintage Seiko automatics. eBay seems too difficult because of all the frakenwatches. Where should I be looking?
  3. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Finally completed my first full strip-down... Found it extremely SATISFYING ! Waiting for delivery of a lubricant which has been on backorder for months before I re-build. All parts have had a 3 stage (Detergent > Essence of Renata> IPA Alcohol) cleaned with my new ultrasonic cleaner My only...
1-3 of 3 Results