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  1. Samurai SS Bezel Mod

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Here's a Samurai mod I did a few months back. This is a watch that never really caught my eye until I saw namokiMODS post a picture of one with their sandblasted bezel and and vintage stainless steel insert. I knew I had to have it, and that it would look great on an Erika's Originals. I...
  2. Seiko Samurai "Save the Ocean - Great White Shark" Special Edition

    Seiko Reviews
    Well, we all know the new Samurai, and I owned one last year (blue, waffle dial). A great chunk of watch for the money! The new Save the Ocean Great White Shark special edition is now out on release. Announced at Basel 2019, I pre ordered as soon as I saw the dial! Waves? Yeah... actual...
  3. Samurai Gaining 2 minutes a day

    Seiko Reviews
    Hello all, I recently purchase a pre owned samurai from eBay. I am happy with the condition and the deal I got, however I noticed the watch is gaining almost 2 minutes a day. I am trying to decide if I should return it to the seller, or try to address the problem. I am not sure what...
  4. Seiko 6309 7290 - Samurai MM300

    Seiko Reviews
    So I have a 6309-7290 I bought off the bay over a year ago when i was just getting the bug. I bought blind like a sucker without much research, AM Hands/Dial/Bezel.... live and learn. I love the case as its very comfortable so I thought I would buy some new parts to mod it into something id...
  5. SOLD: Steel Samurai SNM011K (black) 7S35-00B0 - 250 Euros

    SOLD, thanks to the buyer and SCWF! Dear all, I' letting go a steel Samurai with a sad heart, but go it must. Dial color: Black Movement: Automatic 7S35 Diameter: 43 mm Lugs: 22 mm Case: Stainless steel Glass: Seiko Hardlex Used but not abused condition, however there is a abrasion on the...
  6. WTB: DATE DIAL 7S25 [9840878270]

    Hi guys, I've posted in The Japan Watch Discussion Forum thread and got a good start to my inquiry from two very kind members. I thought that this area of the SCWF might make more sense for my request. I'm looking for date dial for the Titanium Samurai, the face reads 7S25-00D0 40mm case...