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  1. Non-Japanese Watch Reviews
    I might buy these watches, but unfortunately I don’t recongnize them. Is there someone that has some more information for me?
  2. Non-Japanese Watch Discussion
    Hello everybody, after a few years I decided to rejoin the watch obsession. In 2018, my father gifted to me a Tudor watch. I knew nothing about it, and in this forum I learned that was a Tudor Oyster Prince, ref. 7995, Tudor Caliber 2483 (not sure about the mechanism). Sadly, it was redialed...
  3. Non-Japanese Watch Discussion
    Hi there - my old rolex explorer 1 (ref 5500) needs restoring. Apparently I need to find a new/reconditioned rotor post. The automatic needs looking at too. I'm based in London and wondering if anyone can help me or direct me to someone who knows these watches and can do the work economically...
  4. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    I apologize for this long introduction but it is necessary for me to narrate on how I was exposed to watches that eventually led me to my journey. When I was 7 years old, I remembered my mom giving me my first watch. It was a manual winding Mickey Mouse watch with a nylon striped strap. I...
1-4 of 5 Results