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  1. 6139-8050 scratched crystal - polishing, or replace?

    I picked up a 1976 6139-8050 chronograph recently at a pretty fair price. The dial looks beautiful, but the crystal is covered in surface scratches. It's a pretty tough to find/expensive crystal I think (310W24GN), and I don't have tools or experience replacing a crystal either. If this is the...
  2. Help with ETA 959.001

    I'm fixing a Movado from early 80's with the ETA 959.001. When a got it, it didn't run. I tested the circuit coil and it was bad. I took it apart, inspected all the jewel holes, train, and all looks fine except that when moving the train back and forth and felt a bit rough. I compared it with a...
  3. My 6139-6040 Restoration Project

    Since buying a 6138-0300 from Enicar.racine here on SCWF, ive been wanting a gold faced 6139-6040, so when this non operational one came up in a lot on ebay, i couldn't resist. Ive rebuilt automotive engines, compressors, differentials, how hard could this be, right? Ive ordered a few tools off...