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  1. Seiko S800 Scuba Crystal Replacement?

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of trying my first crystal replacement, on my s800 Scuba 200m and I could use some good advice from you kind folks. - Is this watch a good one to try this procedure on? - Anyone know where I can find a diagram and parts list? - Anyone know which crystal I should use? -...
  2. Seeking Vintage Citizen Repair Expert

    Hey all, currently in possession of two vintage Citizens (both with the 8110 movement) that need quite a bit of work and love to get back into wearable condition. If anyone knows of a good member of the community who could assist/advise on repairs I'd be eternally grateful!
  3. Seiko The Great Blue

    Parts, Tools & Accessories Reviews
    Hi There, My late mother bought me this watch back in 2001 from Singapore Airport. I have had it serviced regularly by Seiko UK in Maidenhead. Recently it stopped and I thought it was the battery but I also noticed the second hand had come adrift. I took it into Seiko UK in Maidenhead and...
  4. Citizen 4-095111 Y Repair

    Hi all, I've gotten stuck on a Citizen 4-095111 Y. It works, but the digits are too dim to see unless you really look closely. The battery is confirmed good at 1.5v. I removed and cleaned all the battery contact parts with no luck. Normally, I'd disassemble the module, but holly molly, the...
  5. Seiko 6309, 6105 repair

    Hey, First question is, is Randall Benson still around? I have a 6105 8119 that he serviced and converted to a screw down crown that needs servicing. 6309 just needs movement service. Any suggestions on who else I can send these to for service? Thanks!
  6. Alarm repair question.

    I have a Belle where the alarm goes off every time I pull out the pusher- no matter where the alarm bezel is set. Is that something that is easy to repair? Is it just re-seating the alarm bezel for example? The bezel rotates fine. I still haven't found anyone in US to service my Bells. Thanks.
  7. Help! Seiko 6117-6400 Needs Repair. Where to send?

    I posted over on WUS and someone pointed me to come here, which is great. Copied text below: I have a vintage Seiko 6117-6400 with two problems. The first problem, which occurred not long after I bought the watch, is that the inner rotating bezel barely works. It will occasionally grab and turn...
  8. Seiko Quartz 9983 / 9980 needs help for repair

    Recently I got a Seiko Quartz Superior 9980 which does not run. (Tested with new battery, setting time is possible) Is anybody out there who's able to repair that caliber? Or does know someone who could? BTW: I do need a battery hatch for the watch because it came without one. Does any battery...
  9. 7223 Project - Need some help!

    Hello everyone. I (fairly) recently purchased a 7223A-6010 for very cheap at a vintage fair that was losing about a minute in 5. I'm up to the point now where I need to start reassembling the watch but before I can get started I need to find some replacement gaskets. Problem is I have no idea...
  10. Seiko V657-8060 Gasket

    Hello, I am brand new to this forum. In fact, I am brand new to discussion forums altogether, so please forgive me if I do/ask something in an incorrect manner. Anyway, I have about a dozen watches, and I am currently replacing the battery on a Seiko V657-8060, but I'm gonna need to replace the...
  11. Seiko Moonphase 7F39-6029

    Seiko Reviews
    My poor watch has a conflict with the hands. I just got it back from the jeweler where they attached the band and installed a new battery. However, the second hand stops when it hits the hour hand (as pictured) and sometimes the minute hand. Macy's says they can repair it in three weeks for...
  12. Should I invest in a toolkit?

    Seiko Reviews
    I'm wondering if I should invest in a watch repair tool kit? I love to tinker. I love watches; I own a handful. I'm a photographer (I don't know if that helps) with a macro lens. I'm also retired on a fixed income, so something affordable like a starter kit would be desirable.
  13. Seiko Indicator Kinetic broken?

    Seiko Reviews
    I inherited a 5M43-0A29 Seiko Indicator Kinetic wrist watch. From all indications, it appears to need a new capacitor. I downloaded the PDF manual and shook it a lot. It's dead. I watched a video on replacing it. But, I don't want to spend money on this if I can't fix the other problem: the...
  14. Dial Repair help needed

    I've got a 6002 Pogue Gold dial. It is the "automatic" only with 17 j and the SUWA mark below the hands. Anyway, it has the normal corrosion around the sundial. Does anyone have a spare mint dial? Anyway to clean it off somewhat?
  15. Seiko Gurus! Need help with some 6139 troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I've been a long time lingerer, and this website has in no small part been fueling my recent Seiko obsession. But I finally decided to register today to get some much needed assistance with one of my 6139s. I recently got my hands on an original 6139-6005 black dial for my Seiko...
  16. 7548-700B in need of repair

    This is my father's old SKX which is what got me into watch collecting. However it has been in-operational for five years and Seiko NJ couldn't repair it. They stated the parts were too old. I am very interested in fixing this watch as it has high sentimental value. Thanks for viewing, -Chris
  17. Orient spare parts availability

    Hi all, For a long time I had been trying to find a source of spare parts for Orients, and no one on any forum had been able to give an answer whether they were available in the same way Seiko parts are. There was always lots of vague speculation, but no concrete answer. Well there is now, I...
  18. Question for Orient owners in Oceania eg. Anzac1957

    Hello all, As you may have read here... ...I am a new Orient owner. Orient does not have any distributor, service or parts network in this part of the world, and that's got me thinking. For...
  19. 7A28-7000 "Aliens" - replacement pushers

    Hi all - new to the boards and very quickly getting into the world of collectable watches... I bought a 7A28-7000 'Black Ripley' as an engagement gift for my (now) fiancee. She's over the moon with it and wears it every day, which I think is cool for something that she'll have forever a...
  20. 7s26 snap clip

    Hi all, first time poster. I'm currently doing the very helpful 7s26 diy at Nick Hacko's website. Due to my low post count I am not allowed to post links. I'm almost done, and have learned a lot. I've managed to lose only one screw! I have a question for more experienced people here: I am...