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  1. Guides on How to Mix/Color Lume?

    Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of written or video guides on how to properly mix, bind and color lume? As my modding projects get more involved I'd like to start picking up this skill, but I'm having trouble finding resources that explain the process. I'm especially...
  2. Why you should ALWAYS relume 6105s

    So, I know that everyone on this forum agrees that brightly glowing lume is the most important part of a watch (and original bracelets are overrated). I mean we buy Seikos because the lume is almost as bright as Rolex lume, and we can't afford Rolexes, right? Most of us ditch our original dials...
  3. Brightened up a Gold Seiko Franken Diver.

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Caught this Seiko 5 on the Bay for a pretty low price. Just liked the look of overall watch from the pictures. But I quickly realised it had a caseback that read 7S36-00A0, a movement signed 7S26 and a dial which says 7S36-00X4 R2 when it arrived. It had dirty lume on its hands which has...