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  1. Seiko Moonphase 7F39-6029

    Seiko Reviews
    My poor watch has a conflict with the hands. I just got it back from the jeweler where they attached the band and installed a new battery. However, the second hand stops when it hits the hour hand (as pictured) and sometimes the minute hand. Macy's says they can repair it in three weeks for...
  2. New to SCWF

    Seiko Reviews
    Hi all! :D I just discovered this site while searching for the manual to a watch I inherited, a Seiko Moon Phase wrist watch model 7F39-6029. I found instructions that I had already figured out on my own, but still I own other watches. 5M43-0A29 Seiko Indicator Kinetic wrist watch (broken)...
  3. WTB: Seiko 6F24 Tidemaster Moonphase

    Hello All! If you have one and are interested in negotiating a price, please send me an email or personal message. I am willing to use different forms of payment if necessary. Or trade on anything that I have that piques your interest. Thank you for your considering my post!