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  1. Altering/Redirecting a Complication?

    So I haven't been working on watches for very long (only completed my first SKX mod last week, have only opened up my 6139 once, etc.) but I've heard whispers on SCWF and elsewhere about people altering a watch complication to serve another function. For example, I've heard rumors of people...
  2. First Attempt At Modding + Lesson Learned

    So today I attempted my first foray into watchmaking/modding - swapping the day/date wheel of a NH36 movement. This is the end result: You may notice that the day and date colors don't match. And that's because of today's lesson: don't skimp on tools. I, in my infinite wisdom, assumed that...
  3. Recommended Hand Lever Width for SKX007 Modding?

    Planning on buying my first set of hand levers (going with them rather than the EZ hand removal tool because good, thin hand levers can also be used to remove the 'C' clip that holds the day wheel in place) and just wondering if I should go for 4mm wide tips or 2.5mm wide tips. Buying off of...
  4. Best Way to Acquire an SKX007 To Mod?

    So I want to ease my way into watchmaking and I figured that modding an SKX would be the safest/most fun way to start. Problem is I had no idea that the watch on its own would be so expensive, on top of the cost of the actual mods and watchmaking equipment. What's the best way to get my hands...
  5. Seiko 5 SNKL23 NH36A Movement Swap

    I am planning to swap my 7S26C movement for the NH36A because it has hand winding. I saw some videos of people swapping their 7S26C movement on the SNK809 with the NH36A. So, I was wondering if the NH36A would fit on the SNKL23 and will the crown be detachable from the stem to be put on the...
  6. Tools for installing hands?

    I'm in the process of modding a few watches and need to get some more tools. The watches I'm modding are your basic skx007/009 with the trusty 7s26. My question to all you out there is what sizes of hand setting tools should I get? I understand that the 7s26 has hand sizes of 150/90/20 but what...
  7. Preventing Scratches When Opening/ Closing Watch Casebacks

    Hi all, I do modding and servicing of watches on a part time basis. I saw many people asking how to prevent scratches when opening and closing watches especially on Seikos which can be super tight. So I thought to share some tips on the method which I'm using and so far has not scratched any...