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  1. A history of the classic automatic King Seiko (previously posted on Watchuseek)

    Seiko Reviews
    A history of the classic automatic King Seiko, with a comparison of the 5626-7113 and the 5256-8010 This is a slightly updated version of a post I made to the Watchuseek Seiko & Citizen forum a few weeks ago. I have been told that it might be appreciated here - in fact maybe I should have come...
  2. Seiko royalty demands bigger boxes!

    Gentlemen, a while back I shared the idea of ultimately having one dedicated watch box to each Seiko watch series I collect (e. g., Bell-Matics, 4-handers, etc.). Well, I had better not said that aloud - you know what the royalty is like, always demanding more, and you had better not mess with...