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  1. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    I'm in the process of modding a few watches and need to get some more tools. The watches I'm modding are your basic skx007/009 with the trusty 7s26. My question to all you out there is what sizes of hand setting tools should I get? I understand that the 7s26 has hand sizes of 150/90/20 but what...
  2. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hello Friends! I have a Citizen Watch that I am repairing (E101-S044286). The Bezel popped off and I am having difficulty placing it back in. There is a gasket that goes in between the Bezel and the case. I tried using a case press but I have not been successful. Could you please advise how to...
1-2 of 2 Results