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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hu everyone. It is time!!! I wanna start up a watch collection on a low level and with limited budget. Porsche design Flat Six automatic Steinhart Pro Diver WMT Homage- Rolex, Timex limited models...if fast enough to get clocks the NNO7 and Hyoerbeat m79 models...and similar. I...
  2. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    For sale is my 62mas homage, built on a 7s26-0040. I'm including 3 straps. $130USD CONUS free shipping Features aftermarket 62mas dial, hands, and bezel. Has an over sized crown, domed acrylic crystal, and the crown guards have been ground off and polished. I bought this from the Philippines...
  3. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    FS: Dagaz Typhoon T2 LNIB £190 UK Sale SOLD! Thanks SCWF and buyer! I just bought this watch last week on watchuseek (original listing here). Just didn't click with me, possibly as it looks a bit too chunky for my 6.5 inch wrists and possibly because it's very much a modern spin on a classic...
1-3 of 3 Results