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  1. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Hi All, For sale is this all original Seiko H558-5000. This is the original, so-called "Arnie" made famous because Arnold Schwarzenegger wore it in many famous action movies, such as Predator and Commando. This one is from 1982, making it a first year example, and the -5000 is the JDM (Japanese...
  2. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    SOLD!!! Seiko H558-5000 Arnie SOLD!!! Seiko Arnie H558-5000. It is in great condition. Movement is working as shoud, including alarm, light, chronograph, second time, date and analog watch. Dial and hands in very good condition, never relumed. The shroud is an aluminum with black coat...
  3. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hello fellow Seiko nuts. Today I ask, what version H558 is this. I have never seen an Arnie with dark gold dots on the dial at 4 and 5 o'clock. I got this watch from a watch repair guy who has a little window set up in front of a nail salon on the corner of 39th and 8th in Manhattan Feb 2012...
  4. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hi All, Please check the photo and can anyone help me to name the black ring part? I was cleaning the bezel on the right and removed this part/gasket? Check out the gunk that has built up over 30 years. So am I right in saying that this part is the bezel gasket? Does anyone no what the crystal...
  5. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hi All, Thought I better post some more photos of the 2nd production Stainless Steel 316L sample, but this time sitting on one of my Seiko H558s. The SS 316L production run arrives in town next week and then they will be sent off for DLC coating treatment. We are nearly there. Enjoy Wayne
  6. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Diagnosis: When adjusting the digi, crown to position 2, adjustment failure. Wayne 18/10/13 21:23 I'm in 21:24 Crown stem a little bent but ok 21:25 I can see the brass looking hoop, what position should it be in? It's a little bent 21:32 I'm going in on the second for comparison. Wait this is...
  7. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hi All, Previous metal sample was from a company that could not full fill the production run and here are first photos of the second company first production sample. And the CNC birth chamber. I should receive this in the post shortly. And the others will follow after 2 thumbs up. Kind regards Wayne
  8. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hi All, Please find the latest update for my part manufacture of the Seiko H558 metal shroud. Sorry it has been some time, perfection takes time. The 6Ps were followed. After some CAD adjustments and my third 3D printed part of the shroud the final testing proved successful and have requested...
1-8 of 9 Results