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  1. Are Seiko watches (and other watches) from India fake?

    eBay, good and bad.
    ive heard and been told not to buy any watch if it is in India, that it is fake and not to buy. has anyone heard this as well? has anyone bought one from India before?
  2. Seiko SKX173 where to buy outside eBay?

    Hi, I'm looking around the web for alternative to eBay. Do you have any recommendation? At the moment I'm looking for a Seiko SKX173. Thanks :) D.
  3. [SBSS019] Really Bummed - Won Auction, Missed Reserve

    Just wanted others to wallow in my grief with lol. As of five minutes ago I won an auction on Our Favorite Auction Site[emoji769] for an NOS SBSS019 coffee dial Sushi Roll Re-Issue, but unfortunately I didn't meet the reserve. I won't say what I offered, but I know these watches go for a bit...
  4. Warning: eBay auctions showing up unauthorized on Yahoo Japan

    eBay, good and bad.
    My U.S. eBay auction for a Seiko SBCJ019 has been posted without my authorization on Yahoo Japan's auction site. Evidently a company called Shop Airline Inc., a.k.a. Seikamon, is copying U.S. eBay auctions and listing itself as the seller on Yahoo Japan under the name Saltotheworld_2008. My...
  5. Where to buy a Seiko SRPB43 Cocktail Time?

    Hi all, I'm new to the world of Seikos, and I know a lot are imported grey market and that there are various places to buy. I am looking to purchase the SRPB43 Cocktail Time, which is a watch I loved the moment I saw it. My question is this - where is a good place to buy from? I've seen this...
  6. BEWARE: Ivano Bancale (Overtime78, japan-next, ramonerokiter, jimmyokten78 & others

    BEWARE: Ivano Bancale (Overtime78, japan-next, ramonerokiter, jimmyokten78 & others Beware of Ivano Bancale (real identity) from the Canary Islands selling mostly Seikos on eBay through the accounts mentioned on the title. I believe he uses aliases too such as "Francisco Mora Fernandez" which...
  7. Bad Contacts at Ebay

    Sold a watch last night via ebay. After accepting an offer the buyer told me that he has (suddenly) lost his credit card and can't pay via paypal. I would say this is just plain crap. He wanted to see where my limit is. Anyhow I thought that I maybe not the only one with having bad experiences...
  8. New here. Trying to determine it these are fakes.

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum and to Seikos in general. I'm currently looking at a few vintage Seikos on ebay, but I'm having trouble determining if they're fake or not. I was directed here from the Quartzimodo blog and am hoping you all can help me out. First up is a Seiko 5: The...
  9. Where to find good bezels for vintage seikos

    eBay, good and bad.
    hi together, are there any good ebay dealers who are selling original bezels for vintage seikos? for eg. Seiko 6119-6050? thx & cheers, tom
  10. Beware of eBay Buyer: SwissJanBay

    ***Please beware if eBay user SwissJanBay bids on your watches or any other items!*** Hello everybody, I had an issue with an eBay buyer a few months ago and today, for whatever reason, I decided to Google his eBay username for the heck of it. Well to my surprise it lead me here, and to this...
  11. Citizen Promaster/Aqualand with X scratch on back

    Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm wondering if anyone knows the significance (if any) of the "X" scratched in the back of a Citizen Promaster/Aqualand watch? I've been seeing it a lot lately on Citizen watches for sale on ebay. Some sellers disclose the X scratched on the...
  12. Vintage Citizen 8200 Diver - I like it!

    Hello! Just sharing a few pictures of an old Citizen 8200 diver I scored on the Bay. I believe its circa 1981. It looked pretty normal from the pictures that the seller provided but I quickly fell in love with this piece the moment it got out of of the postal package. It measures 41mm...