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  1. A Review of Seiko's Ltd Edition Prospex LX SNR043

    Seiko Reviews
    Introduction I’ve critiqued Seiko’s upmarket push in a previous post, so I will admit it is a bit ironic that I ended up purchasing Prospex LX diver. However, the price I paid was too good to pass up (almost 50% off msrp), so I regret almost nothing. Here is my impression and review of the...
  2. [HELP] Water inside glass of JV0020-04E [HELP]

    Hi gentleman. A short introduction, I am new to this forum and proud owner of a professional divers watch ProMaster JV0020-04E, by Citizen. I just brought the watch from ebay. The seller said it needed service and I figured it should be changing the battery, because the solar movement was...
  3. '92 Citizen Promaster 5861-F80057 Revisited

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    My watch purchased 1993. Its been around the world a couple of times and used professionally from The Seychelles to Fiji (approx 400 dives) Its been at the bottom of a suitcase in storage for 12 years, until recovered it in May. Decided to send it off to Hurley Roberts to see what it would take...
  4. Repair Question about Aqualand Promaster 5861-F80057

    Worth the repairs???? Hi I have had the watch since around 1994, when I purchased it new. I put about 500 dives on it before it stopped working. It has been in storage for 12 years until I discovered it recently. Cosmetically it looks great with only the obvious wear signs of a well utilized...