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  1. Sourcing a Crystal for a SBSS011?

    I may have a line on a SBSS011 Sushi Roll Reissue, but unfortunately the crystal isn't in the best shape. Does anyone know how I might be able to track down a 330W31HN02 crystal? Did some googling but no luck
  2. Parts Codes for Citizen 68-0516

    Hey all, a few months ago I managed to acquire a Citizen 68-0516 World Timer. I love her dearly, and the watch has gotten a ton of wrist time. One thing that I knew going in was that the was a decent ding in the crystal around 8 o'clock, enough that it actually casts a shadow on the dial...
  3. Crystal Parts # for 6139-6022?

    Having trouble digging up a parts list for the 6139-6022 "Pulsations", but I believe that the original parts number for the crystal is the 350T02ANS. Is this correct?
  4. Seiko S800 Scuba Crystal Replacement?

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of trying my first crystal replacement, on my s800 Scuba 200m and I could use some good advice from you kind folks. - Is this watch a good one to try this procedure on? - Anyone know where I can find a diagram and parts list? - Anyone know which crystal I should use? -...
  5. WTB: OEM 338W01AN Crystal

    Just picked up a Skyliner 14092 with a cracked crystal and 338W01AN seem to have dried up on the big auction site (at least at a reasonable price). I'd love to stick with authentic Seiko parts. I'm in the U.S. THANKS!!
  6. WTB: Seiko S800 Scuba 200m Crystal

    Hi, I'm looking for a crystal for a Seiko S800-0019 Scuba 200m. Thanks!
  7. Crystal Replacement Question for 5606-7280

    I'm looking at potentially purchasing a 5606-7280 Lord Matic with a faceted crystal. I don't much care for that style of crystal and would like to replace it with a flat one - anyone know if there is an OEM Seiko replacement crystal that would fit? It looks like 300T12ANSO fits a large variety...
  8. 7a38-6010, crystal code and replacement tips

    I've checked the documentation available in the manuals forum, but I can't track down the proper replacement crystal sizing for a 7a38-6010. I picked up a junker on ebay that looks to have good lume but a terrible crystal. Does anybody know what kind of crystal it takes, and even better how to...
  9. 6139-8050 scratched crystal - polishing, or replace?

    I picked up a 1976 6139-8050 chronograph recently at a pretty fair price. The dial looks beautiful, but the crystal is covered in surface scratches. It's a pretty tough to find/expensive crystal I think (310W24GN), and I don't have tools or experience replacing a crystal either. If this is the...
  10. Taking my first vintage watch in for a service - what should I ask for?

    Hi all, I'm taking my Seiko 6139 - 6000 in to a local watchmaker (Shane Ede in Toronto for those who know), and I'm wondering what I should be asking him to do for me. I'm taking it in mostly to have the crystal replaced with a New Old Stock genuine crystal because as you can see the current...
  11. 6217-7000 crystak replace advice

    looking for any advice or info on replacing the crystal on a 6217-7000. current one is badly hazed/damage and only the central section came away and left an outer ring of perspex above the city wheel when i pressed it out...:ohmy::confused: any advice if im missing something? i feel like the...
  12. Citizen Ana-digi 30-3933 - need crystal but extremely difficult to find

    Parts, Tools & Accessories Reviews
    Hi guys! Have a beautiful Citizen CQ Ana-Digi 30-3933 watch that was used by Swedisg fighter pilots and managed to crush the glass upon removing it for polishing...arghh! Anyone on the forum able to give me hint for spare-watch og best of all: a New or used Crystal. More details: Citizen CQ...
  13. Seiko crystal repair in Belgium (or anywhere else in the EU)

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    Hi SCWF gurus - I have a Seiko 5M42-OE39 with damage to the faceplate "glass". I believe you call it the crystal? I live in Belgium and was wondering if someone can recommend a repair service in Belgium or a mail-in repair service. I have heard stories of the official Seiko repair service being...
  14. What do Seiko crystal numbers mean?

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    Hi all. Not posted in a while but I was wondering what the letters and numbers in Seiko crystal names mean? I get the first three are size, i.e. 320 = 32.0mm, but what about the T or W next, and then the subsequent characters? Any help or pointers appreciated.
  15. My first bellmatic, replacement parts

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, I just brought my first mechanical watch that being a Bellmatic 4006-6029. Whilst I am very happy with it so far it is missing the small rubber O-ring on the alarm button and requires a new crystal. Does anyone know where I could find some replacements for...
  16. 7002 7000 A1 Domed Crystal

    Hi All, I'm a long time lurker but first time poster! Have recently put a domed sapphire crystal into a Black Monster and am very pleased with the result. I have a 7002 7000 A1 I was thinking of selling but now I would like to put a domed crystal in it. I've googled and googled but cannot get a...
  17. Seiko H558 part name help

    Hi All, Please check the photo and can anyone help me to name the black ring part? I was cleaning the bezel on the right and removed this part/gasket? Check out the gunk that has built up over 30 years. So am I right in saying that this part is the bezel gasket? Does anyone no what the crystal...
  18. Resources for Replacement Crystal for Citizen NY2300

    Hi guys! I am searching for a suitable DIY replacement crystal in mineral glass or sapphire for the NY2300 online but nothing turned up. Most threads over at forums like WUS started on this had little or no replies and nothing conclusive turned up. :( Does anyone have a resource or dimensions...