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crystal replacement

  1. Crystal Parts # for 6139-6022?

    Having trouble digging up a parts list for the 6139-6022 "Pulsations", but I believe that the original parts number for the crystal is the 350T02ANS. Is this correct?
  2. Just found this forum

    Hi I've owned Seiko Bell-matic's since 1976 or so. I've had two (so far) and I love them. I'm hard on them and have to replace the crystals and wonder is any tougher ones can be had. Thank you Tony
  3. Seiko SKX crystal replacement (lots of pictures)

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    To encourage everyone here, I took pictures while doing my first crystal replacement. I have no experience with this, so maybe I overlooked some things - please reply with notes on how to improve my process. This "tutorial" is also available as an album on imgur: I...