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  1. Bellmatic alarm that's always on.

    Hi, I have myself a 27j Bellmatic. The alarm function works, but is always activated whenever the crown at '2' is pulled irrespective of where the arrow is pointing. When I rotate the inner bezel to align the arrow and the hour hand there is a small click which I thought would indicate...
  2. How to permanently fix Seiko G757 faded/fading/incomplete screen problem

    Watchmaking & Tinkering - Reference Materials
    As many G757 owners have discovered, the Seiko G757 tends to lose contrast in the screen over the years until the screen becomes unreadable. You can find many G757s on ebay that have this problem, and they're typically much cheaper than a completely working one. I've seen many different...
  3. Citizen Eco Drive Charge Level Problem?

    I recently received a citizen Eco Drive watch, not sure what the model is (it has a black face and three smaller faces with a metal wristband). In one of the small faces you can see the charge level and mine is always stuck in the dead center. The charge level is separated into three bars, and I...