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  1. Bellmatic alarm that's always on.

    Hi, I have myself a 27j Bellmatic. The alarm function works, but is always activated whenever the crown at '2' is pulled irrespective of where the arrow is pointing. When I rotate the inner bezel to align the arrow and the hour hand there is a small click which I thought would indicate...
  2. Help me in CA - Bellmatic Repair

    I forgot to put PLEASE in the title...Help me PLEASE :) My first post here but hopefully not the last. I bought this beauty on eBay from a sweet lady who A) told me it was working and B) told me that my $ helped pay for formula for her grand child. A). doesn't work -ticks, stops even after 24...
  3. 21J 7029 Original Bracelet

    How can I tell if my band is original? I am thinking of selling my 21J 7029 1968 Bellmatic. (the horror!) I have seen these bands on other Bellmatics but I don't know if it could have sold with the watch? Any idea?- thanks everyone.
  4. FT: 1969 Seiko Navigator.

    i picked this up the other day. it's clean as a pin, yet runs sporadically. before i start down the road of service and bracelet acquisition, and since it will probably not see much wear, i thought i might see what someone was willing to trade for it.. i have a hanker'n for a bellmatic. PM me...
  5. What's the difference between the 6010 and the 6011 ?

    Hello guys, I'm glad to join this forum as a Bell-matic amateur. To tell you briefly the story my grand-father had one 6010 with black/anthracite dial from 1970 and I wanted to find exactly the same Belle. I just ordered it on the Bay (already waiting for the postman to ring...) but mine is a...
  6. Parts Help Please - Bellmatic Dial

    Looking for a dial for a 4006-7010 Bellmatic. 27 Jewel. Thanks
  7. Is there a glass case back for Seiko Ballmatic 4006 Sport

    Hello, I am looking for a glass case back for my blue bell! Does anyone know where I could get one or if there are other models glass case backs that could fit my bell? Thank you kindly, KingSeiko
  8. 4006-6040 Bellmatic bracelet problem solved!!!

    Good evening, gentlemen (safe to assume, I reckon). I do believe this problem has been mentioned here before a few times, but I'm starting a new thread as this here is a definitive solution - you are welcome. Bellmatic case 6040 has a shape which does not allow for installation of normal...
  9. FS: Vintage Seiko BellMatic 4006-6031 Deep Blue Dial US$280

    SOLD!!! Vintage Seiko BellMatic 4006-6031 Deep Blue Dial US$280 For sale is my Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6031 from 1971. The watch is running strong and features a very interesting mechanical alarm. There is an inner bezel controlled by the crown to set the alarm time. The pusher at 2 o’clock...