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  1. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    I just got back this 1982 Seiko H558-5000 Arnie JDM from service. My good man James (SCWF: uncleluck, IG: greenfield2854) did a knock out job restoring it and it looks like a dream. Being a big black watch, it's a candidate for all kinds of creative strap pairings, and well, I got creative :)...
  2. Bellmatics Forum
    How can I tell if my band is original? I am thinking of selling my 21J 7029 1968 Bellmatic. (the horror!) I have seen these bands on other Bellmatics but I don't know if it could have sold with the watch? Any idea?- thanks everyone.
  3. Bellmatics Forum
    Good evening, gentlemen (safe to assume, I reckon). I do believe this problem has been mentioned here before a few times, but I'm starting a new thread as this here is a definitive solution - you are welcome. Bellmatic case 6040 has a shape which does not allow for installation of normal...
1-3 of 3 Results