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  1. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Hey, I would like to build my first watch. I really love movements so naturally I want to build a skeletonized watch. Sadly, I cant find movements that would look good in a watch with no dial (e.g. I dont like the nh 70's). Price should be around 150€ but I may be willing to pay more if I really...
  2. Want to Buy 35mm Diver, Automatic

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a diver at 34~35mm, black dial, automatic 2205-4090 2205-0769 2205-0789 2205-0760/9 Thanks in advance!
    $1 USD
  3. Seiko Reviews
    Hello hi everyone, I got a chance to buy some NOS Seiko watches similar to a model I already owned, SNXJ90. Because of the resemblances I bought them all, but I truly can not find anything on them, mostly because I have no model number I think beacuse the label that came with these are regering...
  4. Member Galleries
    MY COLLECTION Specifications: The Watch Site Archive Model Number: 4006-6031 Movement: 4006A | Automatic Serial No: 220249 Case: Gold-plated brass Bracelet: Coffin link gold-plated brass Water Resistance: ? m Crystal: Plastic Plexi (Acrylic) Glass Strap: 20 mm Case Size: 39 mm Thickness: 14...
  5. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Oh man guys and gals, do I have something special to share today. Just arrived from Brazil - a Citizen World Timer 68-0516! I've been in love with vintage world time/GMT watches for a while now, and while I've always had an eye for the Seiko 6117-6400 as soon as I found this girl I fell in...
  6. Seiko Reviews
    I bought an SBDY021 turtle "Save Ocean" special edition and this is my first automatic watch so I have a question in relation to the change of date and day. I set my day in Japanese character "Kanji". I've noticed that the date changes exactly when it hits midnight, however the day(in English)...
  7. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi, I am new to SCWF after inheriting my Father's everyday watch that he used in the 70's and 80's: Seiko Automatic 7006-7119 (s/n starts with "28") Trying to decide best path forward to get it cleaned up and functioning again as an everyday watch for myself. Needs servicing/cleaning and...
  8. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    So I am really in love with these watches and have been seeing on ebay prices all over the place. I have been a little reluctant to pull the trigger on one because I know so very little about them, was hoping some on here could help educate me. I really want one, just also want to know what I am...
  9. Watchmaking & Tinkering
    Just started modding a couple of Seiko 5s, one of which works fine until I fitted the second hand. It still works ok whilst wearing it but stops about 3 hours into the night after being worn throughout the day. Any suggestions as to why would be very much appreciated.
  10. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    SOLD: Hamilton Super Compressor 600 Diver - Serviced w/ Original Bracelet $2,300 Up for sale is a beautiful - and just serviced - vintage 1960s Hamilton Super Compressor 600 automatic diver with the original bracelet, a rare find. Stainless steel case measures about 36.5mm without crown...
  11. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Up for sale is an absolutely beautiful vintage Hamilton automatic Super Compressor 600 divers watch. This timepiece was released in 1966. Probably the best condition I have ever seen in this particular model. The stainless steel case measures 36mm. The crystal has virtually no visible...
  12. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    I'm on the lookout for genuine (usable) recorder hands for the 8110 chronograph. Let me know if anyone has any for sale. Also interested in a 67-9119 dial in good condition. Thank you in advance! Jay
  13. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Dear SCWF users. This is my first post here in the forum, although it is not the first time I've been here visiting. I will soon buy one or 2 Seiko watches (one of them is a new one, and the other one I will need your help). The thing is that I've seen on a website a user selling one Seiko 5...
  14. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Reluctantly up for sale is my 1976 Seiko 6138-0040 Brown Bullhead automatic chronograph. I purchased this watch over a year ago from the daughter of the original owner. I had never planned on selling it, but need to in order to fund a motorcycle project I have coming up. Service history is...
  15. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    I am looking for Seiko 6139 models. Only interested in Kakumes or Bullheads. Please make offers via PM. Vinnie
1-15 of 31 Results