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  1. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi There, Has anyone used yahoo auction service? I found Seiko watch on that I am searching for a long time. Please give me some tips about their service & tips. Thanks, Theodore Yermolayev
  2. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Inspired by bbilford83's success in this thread, I went hunting and found a smaller junk lot of five watches on Yahoo Auction, but all Seikos rather than the usual one or two. The description said nothing about their condition, just that they were "junk", and didn't mention the model names but...
  3. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    I am the lucky winner of this lot of mostly garbage, and was the only bidder at $30. Taking the big picture view, doesn't look like much... It hit my searches because both Seikos and Citizens were included in the list of contents. The citizens are a couple of ecodrives, one with a titanium...
1-3 of 3 Results