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6309 mod

  1. Original Blackfin 6309 cushion

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Hey mod fans! This is one that's been waiting to make it's debut. About a year ago, I had a couple of these cases coated in black graphite TiN. Never really did anything with the cases, just put them aside, waiting for the opportunity to present itself for a spec ops 6309. Had to use a few am...
  2. Bluefin tst {spoiler pics}

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Bluefin tst {more photos added} It's been awhile since my last post but I've been working on a few things these past couple months. Any build can take time and having patience is part of the process. That being said, there are still a couple things left to complete on this build, but I think...
  3. Review of the Golgo tst {and my tribute to its creator}

    In an effort to create an homage to the limited production Golgo 13, John Bentley has produced one of the finest watches yet... By this time, I'm sure we're all familiar with John's trademark tst machined diver's; 6309 cushion cased as well as other standard cased 6309's and 7548's that have...
  4. Still in love after all these....{credits due}

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Just wanted to post up a wrist shot of this mod. It just came out so well in this light. Build details are in a previous post...credits due for this build go out to John Bentley for his amazing machine work {tst}, Paul aka lewie for helping me sort out the dial/hands for this one. James H. for...
  5. More Blackfin options

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Here's the Blackfin again. This time with flat black insert, Tuna hands and dial. Just trying to see what looks best. The look I'm going for here is something to make the watch look like its seen harsh environment but kept its dignity. "Weathered by the storms of time" In case you haven't...
  6. Blackfin Tuna mod

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Here's a completed Blackfin Tuna. I've been working on these slowly over the past couple months. This one was originally a 6309-7290. After sending the case off for machining {TigerUK}, it came back as a TST in standard stainless steel finish. Case and shroud were blasted in aluminum oxide fine...
  7. Blackfin bezel photos

    Mod & Restoration Reviews (Mod/Restored Watches)
    Here's a couple photos of the new Blackfin bezels. One is an original SBBN007 bezel that has been coated in black pvd. The other is an aftermarket stock 6309-7040 bezel. Neither bezel has an insert. I just wanted to see how the finish came out on these. I will try to get a photo put up this...