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  1. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I've achieved my grail Seiko today, this 1968 Seiko 6159-7000. I'm elated, as the conditional is exceptional. I'm loving the weighty masculinity of it. I bought it having never handled or seen one in the flesh. It's thick and heavy, but ergonomic, and wears smaller than its 43 mm case...
  2. Seiko & Citizen Trading Post
    Hi, I'm looking for the following original parts of 6159-7010 Tuna: 1. bezel 2. set of hands 3. Shroud 4. screws Look forward to see any feedback from the SCWF members, thank you for your attention.
  3. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, I've been lurking around on the forums on and off for sometime, and rarely post, so please forgive my sudden request for assistance from y'all.. But the need is great, and in time of desperation, I turn to you.. hope you guys don't mind I am visiting Hong Kong for just 3 days, and on...
1-3 of 4 Results