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  1. Seiko Reviews
    Hello! I'm looking to pick up a yellow dial 6002. I've located a supposed near mint on the famous/notorious site. Can anyone tell me an Aussie seller is honest about their offering? I'd really appreciate it. A PM is fine if not wanting to discuss on here. Thank you. Also I posted this in the...
  2. Bellmatics Forum
    Hello I've just discovered this forum dedicated to Bell Matic. Fascinated by watches, I falled in love with the Bell Matic 6002 UFO. I'found an UFO on ebay with a blue dial and a blue wheel ring bezel You may find it with this keywords on ebay : SEIKO Bellmatic Automatic Day Quick Set Date Steel...
  3. The Japanese Watch Discussion Forum
    hey, all new to this , so bare with me. i have just acquired 2 automatic seiko watches. the 1st is a seiko 6119 6053 - has sports 5 - 21 jewels on the face , complete working order , and seiko 6139 6002 . i have started researching the 6139, its the col pogue with the sunburst dial. i cant find...
1-3 of 3 Results